Allergy-Free Sleep Clear™ Pristine®

Sleep Clear™ Pristine®, by Cleanroom Bedding™, is our best performing fabric.  This high-quality polyester fabric has been technically engineered and manufactured with precision to provide the highest level of protection against bed bugs, dust mites, and common household allergens, including pet dander!

This comfortable and durable fabric is made up of tightly woven filament bundles that are inherently moisture wicking and breathable.  Sleep Clear™ Pristine® encasements remain cool and comfortable all night, while shielding you from allergens and other irritants. Sleep Clear™ Pristine® encasements are easy to care for and provide superior protection for years!

University tested has proven Sleep Clear™ Pristine® encasements to be an effective barrier against contaminants that cause symptoms among suffers of asthma, rhinitis, and related respiratory problems.  Like all Cleanroom Bedding™ materials, Sleep Clear™ Pristine®, has been validated using industry standard testing to ensure that they provide an effective barrier against bed bugs, dust mites, and household allergens.