Hypoallergenic Pristine® Bedding Encasements



In a world full of allergic triggers, is it possible to have hypoallergenic bedding?

With Sleep Clear™ Pristine®, by Cleanroom Bedding™, the answer is yes! We have technically engineered and manufactured this high-performance fabric to provide the highest level of protection against a host of common household allergens, including bed bugs, dust mites, and pet dander.

Your family can count on this comfortable and durable fabric to protect your bedding day after day, and protect you night after night. Sleep Clear™ Pristine® features tightly woven filament bundles that are inherently moisture wicking and breathable.


These hypoallergenic bedding encasements remain cool and comfortable all night while shielding you from allergens and other irritants.

Sleep Clear™ Pristine® encasements, made with uncompromising quality, are easy to care for and provide superior protection, giving allergy sufferers a long-term solution to sleep problems caused by allergies. 

University testing has proven Sleep Clear™ Pristine® encasements to be an effective barrier against contaminants that cause symptoms among suffers from asthma, rhinitis, and related respiratory problems. Like all Cleanroom Bedding™ fabrics, Sleep Clear™ Pristine® has passed rigorous, industry-standard testing, earning validation as an effective hypoallergenic barrier against bed bugs, dust mites, and household allergens.

Hypoallergenic bedding has arrived with Sleep Clear™ Pristine® encasements for your pillows, mattress, and even your comforter, only from Cleanroom Bedding™.