About Us

When it comes to protecting you and your family from harmful allergens, you deserve the very best!  And when you buy pillow, mattress, and duvet encasements from Cleanroom Bedding™, you can rest assured that you are protecting your family with the best technology available.

Our history in leading edge textile manufacturing goes back more than 50 years, to our founding in North Carolina as a hosiery mill.  Over the ensuing decades, we developed precision-engineered garments for pharmaceutical, microelectronic, aerospace, and automotive manufacturing where controlling airborne particulates is critical.  Proudly designed in the USA, our garments, and now bedding encasements, represent American ingenuity at its best!

Cleanroom Bedding™ is pleased to offer the best bedding encasement technology for controlling allergens and bed bugs in your home.  Cleanroom Bedding™ sets the standard for high-performance bedding encasements with two fabric options to contain and protect you and your bedding.  Our Sleep Clear™ Cotton encasements offer a soft and luxurious feel while effectively blocking particulates and our Sleep Clear™ Pristine® encasements provides superior durability and maximum protection.  Whether you need relief from dust mites, bed bugs or allergens, we have the level of protection that’s right for your home.

When you buy products from Cleanroom Bedding™, you will receive meticulously crafted encasements that block allergens while providing maximum comfort.  For the master bedroom, nursery, and every room in between, there’s one company with the solutions you need to protect your family where they sleep, and that’s Cleanroom Bedding™!  Make the right choice, the same choice made by industry leaders requiring rigorous control of airborne particulates in their environments, and protect the ones you love with Cleanroom Bedding™.